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Ridgeline Australia Blog

Hunting gear should always be three things: durable, quiet and breathable. If there’s a chance of rainfall, it also needs to be waterproof. Our picks for this season’s rain gear are the men’s Monsoon Anorak and the women’s Kea Jacket. Both are made from sturdy polyester with DWR treatment, seam sealing, and 10,000 WP : 5,000 MVTR ratings. Plus, their hoods prevent drips from sneaking into your collar.

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The deer hunting season has kicked off in Australia as the deer begin to rut. This annual mating period is easily the most exciting (and productive) time of the year for deer hunters. Mature bucks will call to and court does, mark out their home range with rubs and scrapes, and clash with other bucks to establish pecking orders and keep their does - sometimes even to the death.

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What you take in your pack, could be the difference between an awesome day out and a disastrous hunt. Everything you pack needs to be essential, fit for purpose and as light as possible. With weather systems continually changing and terrain that is going to give you a hard time, warmth and comfort are also a priority.

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