Dreamland DVD
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Dreamland DVD

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The Coburg Peninsula region of Australia's Northern Territory is a truly wild land. Rich in Aboriginal and European history, the region has been home to many hundreds of generations of born hunters, for whom hunting has been a way of life for many thousands of years. In the modern era, the region has been host through its Traditional Owners to a new generation of hunters, eager to hunt one of the South Pacific's most elusive yet dangerous animals - the Banteng.

Join Ben Salleras, his father Peter and brother-in-law Warren as they embark on the most epic adventure of their lives into the unknown. Together with their local guide Stephen and his family, they experience the very best of what the area has to offer, taking part in all kinds of experiences during the adventure and having a laugh along the way. Ben's lifelong dream of taking the Australian Slam with bow turns to reality against all the odds, an outcome nobody saw coming! The boys make the most of the wild, untouched coastline and get amongst some fish and mud crabs, enjoying every minute spent in this pristine wilderness.

Come along for the adventure, and witness the unimaginable as the boys have the time of their lives in one of Australia's last true frontiers, a dream land where you never know whats around the next corner!

Rated MA 15+

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