Hide N Seek with Ridgeline

CAMO HIDES BY RIDGELINE - Sporting Shooter / December 2010

When out on that favourite water hole or edge of scrub or bush awaiting game, it's important the game doesn't spot you first. Ridgeline have recently produced a Camo hide for just that situation that will not only camouflage you while on stand, but will shelter you from wind and drizzle. There are two models available. Firstly, the single hide is basically a fold-out chair and wire loops with Camo cover that zip up to form a dome hide and measures 43"(l) x 34"(w) x 52"(h).

The second model, however, measures 46"(l) x 52"(w) x 55"(h) and although the difference in dimensions only sounds minimal, the extra room caters for a second seat and offers a lot more space inside.

While the single hide offers one big window and the double tow smaller windows in the front, both models also offer zip-up windows in either side with mesh to keep the flies and mossies away, while acting as a see-through for approaching game. The net is split and overlaps, so you can still poke a firearm through if the game approaches from either side. The full frame, seat and Camo net can be opened up in seconds and folds away easily into a carry bag with shoulder straps, so its easily transported from stand to stand.

I recently put the double hide to the test in open terrain fox whistling, where little or no cover was available and found with the wind in my favour, the fox just came trotting by my stand. As the Camo hide features a 3D leaf outer shell, it blended in well even in open terrain and its zip-up front front and dome ensures its easy to get in and out of. Ask to see them at your local Ridgeline stockist.


The Free-standing Hunting Hide has recently been added to the available range of Ridgeline hides. This hide offers excellent camouflage. All windows with mesh, 4 roof flaps, 10 windows and 8 pegs/ropes. Available in Camo.
Dimensions 1.48m(l) x 1.48m(w) x 1.6m(h).